The VerteLift System – Transforming the Treatment of Painful Vertebral Compression Fractures


SpineAlign’s nitinol implant is a dynamic tool with unique advantages for treating painful osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. SpineAlign offers spine specialists the ability to choose fracture-specific implants in sizes and configurations to fit each patient. The VerteLift Implant’s superior flexibility allows it to be precisely placed - even repositioned if necessary.


The Implant’s super-elastic struts are designed to support vertebral endplates, reducing the fracture and maintaining lift until bone cement is injected . Bone cement flows around the struts and interdigitates with the cancellus bone, resulting in a “contained fill” that may reduce the potential for cement leakage


Images: Courtesy of Giovanni Carlo Anselmetti M.D.


With the injection of bone cement, the VerteLift Implant’s unique flexibility is transformed into reinforcing strength -- greater than PMMA alone¹—delivering long-lasting structural support, vertebral stability and pain relief.


Prior to injection of cement, an expanded VerteLift Implant can not only be re-positioned but completely withdrawn, if necessary.


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¹ Data on file at SpineAlign Medical Inc.